-cultivating creative change
with Kinchem Hegedus

Permaculture for the Soul

Inner landscaping is permaculture for the soul. It is a playful, structured small group process that guides and supports you in exploring and developing your creativity using 12 practices to embody the principles of permaculture. The process fosters an increased awareness of your connection to your creativity to Nature, and to community.  

Inner landscaping is inspired by Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way and re-imagined & informed by my Masters of Fine Arts in Fiction Writing, and further post-graduate studies in Permaculture Design, as well as 25 years of curiosity and exploration of creativity and the power of the imagination.

What is the experience of
inner landscaping? This structured group process applies permaculture principles to our inner landscapes. Permaculture was derived from observing natural systems and indigenous cultures, by applying these observable principles to any landscape, including balcony pots, community gardens, small & large farms and even national agricultural systems.

At the heart of
inner landscaping is the belief that we are deeply connected to all of life — we are Nature. Through the interplay of permaculture principles, story telling and the exploration of creativity inner landscaping guides you into reimagining your personal narrative. 

The process  is a wonderful, enchanting and much loved experience.  In the groups we are so much more than the sum of our parts, and the emergent quality that arises from the group seems to shine a light on the best in all of us. Its as if the alchemy of the group process turns us all into gold!

Inner landscaping is a 12 Week, 12 Day or 6 Day program. Each program is made up of 12 x 3 hour sessions. So, in the 12 Week program groups meet once a week for 3 hours, the 12 Day program groups meet every day for 3 hours, and in the 6 day program groups meet twice daily for 3 hours.



Using the twelve grounding practices, we focus on embodying the fullness of who we are and being joyfully alive. Inner landscaping becomes the way you live your daily life. 


One of the outcomes of inner landscaping is finding clarity about what needs to change in your life using a design system (inspired by permaculture) for how to cultivate creative change. If you are re-evaluating what is most important to you, what you want to put my energy into and how to find more joy in this crazy world, inner landscaping is a way 'in' to identify your priorities. 


Many experience big epiphanies, but more importantly this is a way of unfolding, supported by holistic practices that replenish you every day.

Thich Nhat Hanh, who has inspired millions around the world with his peaceful wisdom, famously wrote: The Way Out Is In, suggesting that the way out of any difficulty is to look deeply within ourselves for insights and then put them into practice. Inner landscaping (which is what my book is about) is permaculture for the soul, guiding you ‘in’ in a way that reminds us that we are Nature, and going ‘out’ into Nature to experience the awe of being alive. 

Participants often say that the process helped them to 'remember' who they are, and to feel more 'awake'. You’ll also learn to practice new skills and habits to: nourish your creativity; revitalize your ideas about what life can offer; work with your true nature, rather than against it; connect to your community and be your own guru!


​Inner landscaping synthesizes recent research and ideas about mind-body/health with design process and creativity in a group process that includes readings, games, exercises, workshops, discussions - weaving it all together with a familiar thread of age-old wisdom. It is a tried and true framework, described by many past participants as joyful, transformative and even life changing! 


Whilst a beautiful and strong connection is forged within the group, this is not group therapy, and whilst it is great fun, it is not a 'party' (i.e. no alcohol - at least until the wrap-up session!) Inner landscaping does not follow any one particular creed or doctrine.



Inner Landscaping - For men!

Registrations of interest are now open for 2022.

Starting on March 1st

Session are 3 hours, once a week for 12 weeks.

Tuesdays, 6-9pm

For men who are curious about creative change and ready for growth.

Find fresh insight into your inner landscape through play, meditation, music, story, writing, and creative exercises.

  • Tune into your creativity and intuition 

  • Enjoy community with a small group of men

  • Connect with Nature as an abundant source of energy and inspiration

  • Rediscover a deep sense of self

  • Redesign your life in harmony with, rather than against, your true Nature

  • Embrace change as a creative opportunity


Inner Landscaping is a design system that embodies the 12 Principles of Permaculture. It will leave you feeling inspired, fresh and energised.


If this is what you're looking/ready for, don’t let the fee stand in your way - get in touch with me to discuss.




Feb 24           Introduction 7 -8:30pm

Mar 1               week 1          6 - 9pm

        8                        2                          

       15                        3                          

       22                       4                         

       29                       5                          

Apr  5                        6                          

        12                       7

        19                       8

        26                      9

May  3                     10

         10                     11

         17                     12



If you are unsure if this ifs for you, come along to the introductory session before you commit.


Also, this Q & A may help:

Q: I want to join, but can't be there for every session, will that matter?

A: It’s rare that everyone in the group attends all sessions - I'm the only one who usually does all 12.

You don't need to miss the entire experience because missing one or two sessions is better than missing the entire experience.


Q: Is this in person or zoom?

A: The sessions are all in person at Springfield. 

In the event of any restrictions preventing us from meeting in person we’ll decide at the time if we want to continue online or pause the sessions until we can meet again.


Q: Is this only for locals?

A: We have people from Sydney, sometimes they stay overnight, either here or with others in the group.


Q: How big will the group be?

A: The group is a maximum of eight people, minimum of 4.


Q: Who is facilitating - you or Des?

A: I’m facilitating, Des is participating


Q: I’ve done a lot of personal development work, how is this different?

AIf you’re unsure come along to the introductory session before you commit, to get a better feel for it and then decide if this is for you. Or, contact me to arrange a call to discuss.


Q: Can I invite a friend to join?

A: Yes, you can invite friends.



“The best personal development and discovery program I have ever taken in my adult life.”


— Desmond Koh, three-time Olympian, Rhodes Scholar, investment banker,Buddhist