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Learning at Springfield

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Life at Springfield Farm has been absolutely magical. Relocating from Singapore as a family, Springfield has been the perfect retreat and nest as we transition into the Southern Highlands.

Personally, I have not felt such a sense of peace and calm for several years now. It's the entire experience that has been so nourishing for me. The combination of unblocked views of rolling hills, fresh country air, the cows, the birth of Misty the alpaca, the loving dogs on the estate, and most importantly, the warmth and kindness of our hosts Peter and Kinchem. Peter and Kinchem not only took us into their beautiful farm, they also introduced us to their community of beautiful people in the highlands.

I have experienced so much, it is hard to pick one or two special moments, but I will certainly highlight the joy I felt on the birth of Misty, the despair of the death of the 150 quails from a predator fox, and the subsequent hatching of many baby quails that we saved on the farm. I have experienced much life, and experienced death at Springfield, and with that, am even more aware of the preciousness of my life, and the importance of making my life even more impactful to those around me.

I cherish the memories of conversation on the walks with Kinchem on the farm and at Fitzroy Falls where I experienced the amazing song dance of a Lyrebird among the trees and of the beautiful armour of an Echidna motionless in the bush. I cherish the mentorship and friendship of Farmer Peter, and his multitude of teachings on permaculture and on caring for the beautiful animals on the farm. I am touched by Peter and Kinchem's compassion for the land they live on, and the numerous animals for whom they are responsible for. I am forever grateful for the time here, and I commit my continued presence at Springfield while Peter and Kinchem remain the custodians of the farm.

Desmond Koh
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