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Springfielder: Nadya Hutagalung

This morning as I stood on the deck with a cup of something warm in hand and Alex leaning their head on my shoulder, I looked out at the view and sighed. Our time at Springfield is nearing an end and to be honest, while I am looking forward to starting “normal” life, I’m terribly sad to be leaving this place of rest and retreat.

Arriving at Springfield over a month ago I was exhausted from a whirlwind 2021 which saw Des, Alex and I all suffering some form of hospitalisation or extended treatment which really drove home the fact that I wanted to be closer to my parents back here in Australia. We sold our house in Singapore after being on the market for just a week and a half, and suddenly it was a mad dash to pack, secure shipping, confirm school and get flights. We landed on the 6th of December and within 3 weeks we had secured a rental, bought a car and found our “Forever Views” which happens to be 5 acres of land with views from the highlands all the way across to the Blue Mountains! We work fast, but it was intense.

Springfield has given us the perfect place to recharge all of our depleted batteries and get ready for the next exciting chapter in our lives here in the Highlands. It’s been so wonderful to lie on my yoga mat in the morning after a long session of Yin Yoga with ribbons of incense dancing around me with misty morning kisses landing on my cheeks while the laughs of Kookaburras remind me that once again, I am home.

It’s been such a joy to have Springfield as a soft landing. Being immersed in farm life from the very first day from helping to pull out stitches from Muffin the Alpaca (aka Mama), to discovering a freshly born baby cria in amongst a circle of cows, to keeping watch over incubating quail eggs, camping out in our new bell tent and enjoying the wonderful produce that Des brings back from his mornings in the garden with Farmer Pete. I often have to hunt Alex down only to find her in the middle of a puddle of dogs who she has absolutely fallen in love with.

Leaving Peter, Kinchem and four legged family at Springfield won't be easy, but we know that we will be back!

Up next, building our 3 generational family home, working on a healing practice and welcoming my parents back to the Southern Highlands, a place they too once called home.

x Nadya Hutagalung
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