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Women's Second Body Clock.

All humans operate on a 24-hour biological "clock", known as the Circadian Rhythm that tells our bodies when it's time for bed and when it's time to wakeup. It also regulates our body temperature, controls our metabolism and much more. Men's production of testosterone is dictated by the circadian rhythm.

From the moment women experience their first period a second internal clock - of equal importance - is activated, this clock is known as the Infradian rhythm.

Understanding this second biological cycle is the ultimate way to bio-hack the female body to live healthier, happier and symptom free.

Your Infradian Body

Infradian and Circadian rhythms vary across our 24-hour cycle, and throughout our 28-day cycle. Depending on where you are in your cycle, your micronutrient & dietary needs drastically vary.

Your metabolism speed varies too -at its peak you can require more than 250 extra calories per day. If you do not feed the body this extra fuel at this time, it will interfere with hormone balance and turn on fat storage.

Cortisol levels dip and peak dictating not only your anxiety but also which workouts will make us stronger and leaner,

and which will cause adrenal distress and inflammation. Even your brain chemistry changes 25% across the month!

Meet your phases


days 1-5

Inner Winter

Hormones are at their lowest

Energy and mood may be low

Eat cooked, "warming" foods that are easy to digest -

red meat, kidney beans, buckwheat.

Remineralise with iron, zinc, kelp and nori.

Drink warming herbal teas and bone broths.

Increase protein and fats

Focus on B vitamins, Magnesium, Omega 3s, Antioxidants

Rest or do low intensity training

Your brain is wired for self reflection


days 6-14

Inner Spring

Quiet hormones begin to rise

Energy and mood improve

Metabolism is slower

Cortisol lower

Enjoy light, fresh, vibrant foods

Cruciferous veggies, sprouted beans and seeds and fermented foods and lean proteins

Focus on Zinc, Omega 3's

Choose cardio based exercise & get sweaty!

Your brain is wired for creation


days 15-18

Inner Summer

Dramatic rise in oestrogen and surge of testosterone

Sex drive, confidence and energy at a high

Metabolism is slightly slower

Eat vibrant, raw, cooling foods - smoothies & salads

Add liver supporting foods such as garlic, ginger, and turmeric

Focus on Vitamin C, B's, antioxidants

Push yourself in workouts

Your brain is wired for communication


days 19-28

Inner Autumn

Oestrogen and Progesterone are high

Metabolism is faster - we need to eat more! (aparox 270 calories)

PMS is more likely if you don't increase dietary intake or if your estrogen is too high

Increase (non-cruciferous) fibre and magnesium (pumpkin seeds, spinach, cacao) to prevent PMS

Eat starchy carbohydrates

Focus on Selenium, B vitamins, Omega 3's

Do low impact strength training

Your brain wired for organisation

Doing the same thing every day disrupts your Infradian Rhythm

There is a wide-spread belief that to be 'healthy' means being disciplined by sticking to the same thing day in and day out. This way of living is optimal for men's biology - not for women's!

Just as our bodies and brains are different in each cycle, our food, exercise and self-care also should be different. In fact, denying this internal cycle is the root cause of almost all hormonal woes. Not to mention the benefit mixing up how we eat, move, live has on our microbiome!

Why don't we learn about this?

Women of child-bearing years have been ignored in medical research because of the "complexity"

of the Infradian Rhythm.

Researchers prefer their subjects to be men, (predictable 24 hour hormonal cycle), post-menopausal women(no longer on the Infradian Rhythm) or women on OCP (hormones are synthetically suppressed) as there are less hormonal variations to account for. In doing this we are trying to apply science to ourselves that was simply never meant for us.

This is why a "diet" may go well for us for 2 weeks, then feel truly impossible 2 weeks later.

Today we consider symptoms such as PMS, hormonal breakouts, bloating, cramps and irregular periods "normal" and something we must suffer through. This is simply a reality of being an Infradian woman trying to live in a Circadian world.

Say goodbye to symptoms and prepare to look and feel your very best when you learn how to live in alignment with the biological clock that we should have learned about.


Stay tuned to learn more about how to eat, sleep, move and live in alignment

with the phases of your cycle for the ultimate female biohacking.

Your hormones

+ immunity

+ metabolism

+ exercise

+ diet

+ energy

+ sex drive

+ productivity

+ supplements

+ gut health

+ stress

x Shannon Rosie

Springfield's Health Coach and Clinical Nutritionist.


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