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Morning Cup of PositiviTea : 10 days of inspirational wellness gems to nourish your body, calm your mind and lift your spirits. 




So, we are still in quarantine, and there’s not much we can do about that. 


But, what you can do is change the way you view this time. 


Whenever faced with a difficult situation My Grandma used to say, “Let’s start with a good cup of tea.” So what better way to start your day right now, than with a heart-warming Morning Cup of PositiviTea.


PositiviTea is designed to empower you with some healthy at-home habits to support you while you stay at home as well as set you up so you’re in great shape for whatever you want to make of life after lockdown. Imagine emerging from your corona-cocoon with beautiful new wellness wings. It can be possible to come out of this in better shape, holistically, than you were when you first agreed to ‘stay at home’. Instead of looking at this time as  “lock down”, sip on some PositiviTea with us and be inspired to create your own wonderful mini-retreat at home. 


Your New Morning Routine 


Every morning for 10 days you will wake up to an email from us with three simple, effective and inspirational wellness gems.


Take what you need, leave what you don't. 


Daily PositiviTea will inspire, nourish, nurture and encourage you while you stay at home and help set you up to be a healthier, happier version of yourself when you get to go back out into the world again. 


True wellbeing is holistic, so your daily gems (little nuggets of goodness) will be designed to nourish the BODY, relax the MIND, and lift your SPIRITS. 


Invest in yourself. 


The $3/day commitment (cheaper than a cup of tea in a cafe!) is a reminder to invest in yourself, and how these small little steps can create momentum and a big difference. 


Send it forward. 


If any gems speak to you we encourage you to forward your investment in yourself for free to your friends. 

Spread PositiviTea gems, not germs!


What to expect 


We understand that everyone learns differently, so you have the choice to either read or watch a video covering your daily gems. 


Each day your gems are broken up into MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. Below are so examples of what you may find: 


Relax your quarantined-mind


  • Journal prompts, meditations to calm the mind 

  • Exercises to help you master your mind, productivity and focus

  • Daily practices to support mental health


Nourish your rona-body


  • Nutrition tips from Shannon Rosie, our in-house Clinical Nutritionist and Wellness Retreat Manager

  • Nutrition to boost immunity 

  • Deliciously easy wholefood and seasonal recipes 

  • Daily challenges and motivations to get you into your body

  • Bodywork exercises for stress, anxiety, posture and more


Lift your iso-spirits


  • DIY and at-home activities to get your creative juices flowing 

  • Wellness products to transform your daily routine into ritual 

  • Daily challenges to turn that frown upside down 

  • Gems to bring a little laughter, music and smiles into your day


And so much more… 


Please note, this is not intended to provide medical advice. 

Morning Cup of PositiviTea

  • After your purchase you will recieve a welcome email with further information. For the next 10 mornings you will wakeup to an email from us with your 3 wellness gems for that day. You may read through them or watch a short video explaination. 

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