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Springfield's Stewardship -taking care of writers. 



At the start of the new year, when most of us are daydreaming about the months ahead, wouldn't it be lovely to be taken care of? While I can’t volunteer to plan your calendar, whip up your New Year's resolutions list or get you started on holiday projects, I can look after you and your writing project next year.


Stewardship offers writers (fiction, non-fiction and memoir) the opportunity to be nourished and supported while working on your writing for ten months. 


I know what it’s like to work alone on your writing – I’ve done it for a decade, working by myself with the help of a writing friend or two and a plethora of writing books. But it was the writing courses (including Springfield) and conferences which led me this year to my literary agent, and then to a publishing contract for my two books with two different publishers, both books set for publication in 2023. 


So based on twenty years of editing experience, leading online writing groups, as well as my personal experience of writing into the dark for many years, I can help guide you and your writing project next year, taking care of your writing needs and helping you to manage your time and energy. 

- Karen Comer

Stewardship Offers:


An individual zoom call in late January for me to understand your project and establish your writing goals 

10 monthly zoom meetings (third Tuesday of every month, 7-8.30pm AEST) 

An individual zoom call in late November to plan your next steps – further writing, editing or publishing options 

Your words edited every month with customised feedback by Karen 

A choice to submit 2000, 3000 or 5000 words each month, with a pricing model to match 

An online platform, Wet Ink, specifically set up for writers 

A supportive group environment, set up for creative collaboration 

Peer-to-peer support, to encourage accountability and fresh ideas



There are only up to six places available

(dependent on the number of words each participant submits). 


Held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month

7-8:30 AEST

Via Zoom

Begins Tuesday February 15th 


This Stewardship will help you and your writing to thrive in 2022!

Option A:


- joining fee: $1,500 

- submit 2,000 words each month (a total of 20,000 words): $2,000 

- Total: $3,500 

*plus GST

Option B:


- joining fee: $1,500 

- submit 3,000 words each month (a total of 30,000 words): $3,000 

- Total: $4,500 

*plus GST

Option C:


- joining fee: $1,500 

- submit 5,000 words each month (a total of 50,000 words): $5,000 

- Total: $6,500 

*plus GST

After much deliberation, I decided to take a leap and attend a Springfield Writing Retreat.  This decision changed my life. What I didn’t expect though, was the amazing impact of the ongoing weekly writers' workshops. This weekly group keeps me on track and accountable for my own writing and teaches me, with the professional and gentle guidance from the much loved Karen Comer, to evaluate and discuss writing pieces submitted by others.  I feel more of a writer than I have ever felt.  I am deeply grateful to Karen and my fellow writers.”

Lynn Watson, 

2021 Wild Scribes

Karen Comer.JPG


Springfielder, host of wild scribes, author, editor, blogger and beautiful human

Karen Comer writes middle-grade and young adult verse novels. She is represented by
literary agent Danielle Binks at Jacinta di Mase Management and has two manuscripts
currently out on submission.

As a freelance editor, her projects include the children’s art magazine BIG and self-published titles (both fiction and non-fiction).

She facilitates weekly online writing groups for Life at Springfield. She also
presents writing workshops to schools and school holiday programs.

Karen blogs about literary matters at

She has a Melbourne University Honours degree (English) and a RMIT post-graduate degree (Editing and Publishing).

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