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Dandelion Tea: The Coffee Substitute with Benefits

So many weeks at home has meant three things. My skinny jeans have not seen the light of day since March. I converse with all the plants in my house. My one-a-day coffee habit has gone out the window.

Before isolation I had a strict 'one a day' rule when it came to my coffee. But colder weather paired with my coffee machine staring at me all day long has changed that. Jump forward two months and I was having three coffees before noon.

Too much caffeine not only effects your sleep but also alters your body's natural (and delicate) balance of hormones. Coffee, by nature, can cause dehydration, jitters and anxiety. Whilst caffeine in small doses can be beneficial, it is often easy to go overboard.

For some reason I have always loved a herbal tea in the afternoons but never in the morning. That was until I discovered dandelion tea. Of all the coffee alternatives I have ever tried, dandelion tea is the only one that actually stands up to the hype.

Dandelion root tea has been a mainstay of Eastern Medicine for thousands of years, and for good reason. It is nutrient rich, packed with essential vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins (which give us energy), vitamin A (for healthy eyes), vitamin C (for glowing skin and immunity), vitamin D (for healthy bones and muscles), zinc (for immune support) and iron (for healthy digestion and energy).

This warming cup of tea tastes extremely similar to your classic up of Joe. It does however have a slightly sweeter aftertaste however thanks to chicory root, which is also a prebiotic food. This means that you are avoiding any bitter taste and fuelling your gut microbiome!

Most people love how a morning cup of coffee gets things moving in the morning (if you know what I mean). Well, don't fret - dandelion tea does the same. It can also promote digestion and unlike other diuretics (including coffee) can have the unwanted side effect of flushing potassium from your body, dandelion tea does not.

Last but certainly not least, dandelion tea is great for balancing pH levels in the body and cleansing your liver. And I don't know about you guys but considering all the baking and wine-ing I have been doing in iso, I know my body has been grateful for this swap

You can find dandelion tea at your local health food store, but I must shout out the Dandylicious blend by Byron Bay Tea Co. It is by far the most delicious one I have tried yet. All of their teas are organic and hand blended by their in house naturopath. Their Digest tea is also a winner.

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