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Creativity.  Connection.  Community.

An oasis located on a 20-acre estate in the beautiful Southern Highlands. 


Springfield offers space to pause, rest, and restore. Leave behind the hustle of your daily grind. Your first deep breath of country air will be the beginning of a beautiful transformation of body & mind. 


Springfield is the perfect place for disconnecting to reconnect. Remember and revive your innate connection to nature, to your true self, and to others - we're all in this together. 



Relax in the gardens, enjoy the view, listen to the sounds of nature. Jump in the pool, stroll through the paddocks, soak in a bubble bath or just sit in peace and do nothing at all.


Give in to our signature, curated experience - conscious creative ecology. You'll be nurtured, nourished and delighted as you rediscover the joy of the creative process. 


Treat yourself at Springfield. Nourish your body and your mind, discover the healing power of rest, take time to simply and quietly reconnect with nature, and enjoy a farm-to-table dining experience.


Expand your mind and treat yourself with new experiences and information designed to enhance your creativity and wellbeing.  Have fun, laugh and learn with friends, old and new.

All of our retreats are designed to enhance your health. Whether you are writing, creating, cooking or sleeping your experience is built on a foundation of individual and collective wellness. Nourish both your body whilst you learn how to connect to planetary health as well. You will be welcomed, nurtured, nourished, challenged and inspired while you enjoy the generosity of time, space, community, and connection. 

meet the team




Kinchem, the Director at Springfield , develops the retreat programs on offer.


Kinchem is thrilled to be putting down roots at Springfield after living overseas in New York, Chicago, Singapore and Bali for past 25 years. 


She has worked in venture capital, product development, start-ups, banking/finance, education, real estate and non-profits.  She has an MFA in Fiction Writing and Grad Dip in Permaculture Design.


As well as managing the programs at Springfield she facilitates Inner Landscaping practices that connect you to your creativity through nature.

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Shannon Rosie is an author and certified Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science: Nutritional Medicine. ​Shannon will inspire you with her own personal story, as well as many stories from working with her clients, to demonstrate how Holistic Nutritional Medicine can aid in both the prevention and management of a wide variety of health conditions, such as weight, wellness, gut health, and diagnostics.

Her practice uses what she calls the inside out method, a process she used to heal herself when our traditional, western medical system failed. Instead of aiming to alleviate symptoms, the focus is on supporting and enhancing your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Shannon will teach you how deliciously it can be to become your healthiest self. You will learn all about balance and even enjoy creations from her book Conscious Cocktails.

Learn more about Shannon Rosie at




boss man

Meet Farmer Pete, a man with seemingly infinite energy!


When he’s not jetting the globe on business, he is knee deep in the veggie garden here at Springfield Farm.


During the past six months, he has set up our beautiful chickens in the coop of their dreams and is growing mealy worms and crickets for their food.


He’s passionate about mycelium and has planted a superfood mushroom farm. He’s always got his hands in the dirt, growing veggies for our retreats, and recently became a beekeeper!


He is especially excited to have taken Springfield off the grid with our own solar energy, and will be happy to take you on tours to explore all of his projects while you’re here. 

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