a creative path to healing ourselves and the planet
with Kinchem Hegedus


Nature is life’s greatest authority. It is the source of creativity. When we recognise ourselves in the patterns of nature we discover that conscious creativity is the solution to our most confronting, complex problems. 


Inner landscaping reveals how to tune into life’s innate creative energy with 12 practices, inspired by Permaculture Principles, designed to show us how to truly thrive by living with rather than against nature -  it's like catching a wave that will carry you gracefully into the fullness of life.


The indisputable force of nature is the perfect source to power both personal and planetary transformation and health.  We all exist within one ecosystem, so designing our personal creative ecology and rediscovering ourselves as nature reveals how to catch the wonderful and mysterious wave of energy that nature offers. 


Inner landscaping practices and rituals, taught over 12 sessions, are inspired by permaculture, Australia’s greatest intellectual export, in a synthesis of Kinchem’s expertise drawn from her lifetime passion for creativity.

Inner landscaping has been taught in Bali, Sydney, Vietnam, Amsterdam (and online) to an international community from  Budapest to New York, and  Singapore to Paris.



Green Plants

Inner Landscaping   in Bali!

Introduction on Friday September 2nd 2022 at 11am

12 Sessions from September 5th - 17th

(Excluding Sunday September 11th)

at 9:00AM - 12:00 PM

Location: Green School, Bali. 



A third-culture child who then journeyed the expat road, Kinchem Hegedus lived in New York, Chicago and Singapore, earning an MFA in Fiction Writing and GraduateDiploma in Permaculture Design, learning from the likes of David Holmgren, Penny Livingstone, David Key, Stuart Hill, Luna Wood, Deepak Chopra, John Schultz and Karen Joy Fowler.

Kinchem has previously worked in venture capital, product development, strategy and start-ups in the banking/finance, education, real estate and non-profit sectors. 


It was in Bali, living deep in the jungle and immersed in the Green School community and ancient Balinese culture, that she created Inner Landscaping, transforming the lives of educators, global nomads,  creatives, olympians, lawyers, philanthropists, designers, bankers, engineers and mavericks.


Now based in Australia, Kinchem, her partner Peter and daughter Shannon, have created Life at Springfield, a sustainable retreat, hosting those who want to live more creatively and sustainably.



I feel more in love with my life. I feel so privileged to be happy and inspired by something that is free ;-) Nature!!!


- Lisi, Bali



Inner landscaping's twelve grounding practices and rituals focus on embodying the fullness of who we are and being joyfully alive, leading you into a subtle, playful and powerful experience of growth and an expansive shift in the way you see the world. 


With inner landscaping  you travel 'in' to where you will find clarity about what needs to change in your life using a design system (inspired by permaculture) to cultivate creative change. This experience is perfect for anyone who is exploring or re-evaluating what is most important to you, what you want to put your energy into and how to find more joy in this crazy world. Inner landscaping helps you to identify your priorities and unique gifts, and inspires you to give who you are to a world that desperately needs you to show up authentically, in your full creative glory.


Many inner landscapers do experience profound epiphanies, but more importantly this is a way of perpetually unfolding, supported by holistic practices that replenish you every day.

Thich Nhat Hanh, who has inspired millions around the world with his peaceful wisdom, famously wrote: The Way Out Is In, suggesting that the way out of any difficulty is to look deeply within ourselves for insights and then put them into practice. Inner landscaping (which is what my book is about) is permaculture for the soul, and reminds us that we are Nature. 

Participants often say that the process helped them to 'remember' who they are, and to feel more 'awake'. You’ll also learn to practice new skills and habits to: nourish your creativity; revitalize your ideas about what life can offer; work with your true nature, rather than against it; connect to your community and be your own guru!


​Inner landscaping synthesizes recent research and ideas about mind-body/health with design process and creativity in a group process that includes readings, games, exercises, workshops, discussions - weaving it all together with a familiar thread of age-old wisdom. It is a tried and true framework, described by many past participants as joyful, transformative and life changing.


Whilst a beautiful and strong connection is forged within the group, this is not group therapy, and whilst it is great fun, it is not a 'party' (i.e. no alcohol - at least until the wrap-up session!) Inner landscaping does not follow any one particular creed or doctrine.