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Past Writing Retreats

 Process & Place with Karen Joy Fowler, March 2019

Just Write Residency, July 1-7

The Intuitive Writer with Charlotte Wood, August 2019

Wild Writing with Sarah Selecky, 2020

Belonging & Place with Stephanie Bishop, November 2020 

Nature Writing with Inga Simpson, March 2021

Wild Scribes, with Karen Comer 2021

Story Workshop with Kinchem Hegedus, October 2021

True Life Stories with Kate Forsyth & Belinda Murrell,

December 2021 & July 2022

Springfield Stewardship with Karen Comer, 2022

Mythic Creativity, March 2022

Past Wellness Retreats

Food as Medicine with Shannon Rosie, August 2019

Soul Pilates, August 2019

Sleep Retreat with the Goodnight Co., September 2019

Equinox Yoga Retreat with Romina, September 2019

Peachy Vacay with Peaches Pilates, November 2019

Urban Shaman Retreat, June 2020 & September 2020

Reverie Retreat, February 2021

 Barefoot Retreat with Crawf Weir, October 2020 & May 2021

Purify Essential Wellness Retreat, February 2021 

Mandala Living Retreat, March 2021

Blissful Breadwinner Retreat, April 2021

Nourish with Purify Essential Wellness, May 2021 

Traveling Divas, June 2021

Elements Health Retreat, November 2021

Phoebe Collins Yoga, November 2021

Balanc. Retreat, November 2021

Kai Yoga Retreat, February 2022

Purify Essential Wellness Retreat, April 2022

Purify Essential Wellness Retreat, June 2022

Balanc. Retreat, June 2022

Purify Essential Wellness Retreat, August 2022

Want to Host a Retreat?

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Custom Retreats

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