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Ann Wigmore

Are you completely fed up with mainstream healthcare status quo? Sick of being prescribed antibiotics for every sniffle but also no idea what you're doing wrong to make your immune system so weak? 


Are you interested in the idea of Food As Medicine but no idea where to start? Feeling confused by all the contradicting click-bait health headlines? (So.. is coconut oil a superfood or killing me??)


Does your relationship with food need some TLC? Or do you just want to disconnect from your everyday hustle in a luxurious country estate with nutritious food, bubble baths and nature sounds?

Fall in love with good food. This 3-day retreat will be an unforgettable journey exploring the wonders of food like never before. Be inspired as you discover food healing techniques from across the world and throughout the ages up to and including contemporary nutritional science.  An exploration of functional medicine, the melting pot of east meets west. 

We will gift you the tools needed to combine the joy of food with the ability to heal yourself from the inside out. We aim to inspire the confidence and resolve within you to make healthy decisions every time and resist trends, fads and the empty promises of miracle cures. We want to positively impact your relationship with the food you eat, and we want to the food you eat to positively impact your health, vitality, and happiness.

Truly connect with your food by harvesting from the garden and creating in our kitchen. You will be mesmerized by our nutritionist, Shannon Rosie, and food magician Pauline O'Brien.

Pauline will show you how much fun you can have in the kitchen as you learn new skills and techniques that can be applied to improve your health and wellbeing as soon as you get home. Shannon Rosie will cut through the confusion around fad diets and gut health and teach you how food is the medicine that will help you live life to the fullest!


After overwhelming rave reviews from previous retreat guests - asking for our recipes and more of a focus on the beautiful food that we prepare - we are thrilled to offer the very first Springfield Farm Food as Medicine Retreat.


Our Food Magician, Pauline O'Brien will be coming back to Springfield Farm, all the way from her home in Green Village Bali. Pauline's passion and wisdom is all about the traditional healing qualities of food. She's here to teach you the secrets of easy to prepare, mouth-watering, fresh, wholesome, plant-based food that is good for you, and good for the planet!


Here at Springfield Farm, we integrate traditional wisdom with exciting new discoveries in science, so our very own "glamorous, life-lovin' nerd" and in-house nutritionist, Shannon Rosie Barge will be inspiring and entertaining you with the history of Food as Medicine as well the science behind using nourishing food to become your healthiest most vibrant self. Who knew science could be so much fun!


To complete the circle of facilitators our resident eccentric garden-guru Peter Barge will be here to show you how easy and fun it can be to grow your own food too.


Luxury accommodation

Morning movement classes

Food prep demos with our 'Food Magician', Pauline O'Brien

Seminars with in-house Nutritionist Shannon Rosie (IG: @LivingWithRosie)

Hands-on classes with Pauline & Shannon where you will harvest and prepare healing meals 

Daily mindfulness, mindset, and manifestation sessions with self-care coach Anthea Cesaro 

Morning yoga classes with instructor Eva Kiriakoff from Nimbus & Co. Melbourne

Farm-to-table delicious food and drink

Access to all Springfield Farm facilities

Gift hamper valued over $300

Endless cuddles from our furry friends


Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 8.28.09 AM_edi

Clinical Nutritionist


Shannon is a certified Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science: Nutritional Medicine. ​Nutritional medicine is an evidence-based and patient-centered practice that applies a holistic framework to health.   

Shannon will inspire you with her own personal story, as well as many stories from working with her clients, to demonstrate that Holistic Nutritional Medicine can aid in both the prevention and management of a wide variety of health conditions, such as weight, wellness, gut health, and diagnostics.

Her practice uses what she calls the inside out method, a process she used to heal herself when our traditional, western medical system failed.  Instead of aiming to alleviate symptoms, the focus is on supporting and enhancing your body’s innate ability to heal itself. By identifying the cause of your symptoms and treating from the inside out, symptoms will fix themselves.​

Shannon will teach you how deliciously it can be to become your healthiest self. You will learn all about balance and even enjoy creations from her book Conscious Cocktails.

Learn more about Shannon

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Food Magician


Pauline's food has been such a highlight for our retreat guests that they asked if we'd bring her back to teach us how to cook her food!  So, due to popular demand, we invited her back, and here she is!

As well as being a talented and creative cook Pauline's knowledge is impressive. Due to her own health challenges, Pauline learned first hand how food plays a powerful role in healing and health.  You'll be inspired by her passion for life and health, and her years of applied study in traditional and contemporary wisdom regarding growing and cooking food.

Pauline is also passionate about raising awareness about zero waste and sustainability and is a leader in the Green School community in Bali.

In 2016 she decided to downsize her life to reduce her ecological footprint and she build a simple yet beautiful bamboo house in a food forest. She rides her bike for transport and grows most of the food she eats.

Before living in Bali she lived in Florida and the Bahamas, where she enjoyed an adventurous life on, in and near the sea. Pauline grew up in Canada, in a large extended family, and has been learning about nourishing with good food for her entire life.

Her reputation for creating delicious, nutritious meals and her zero waste lifestyle has made her home a favorite destination for health-conscious visitors to Bali.  You can find out more about visiting Pauline in Bali @pondok_kebun_bali.


'Farmer Pete'


Meet Farmer Pete, a man with seemingly infinite energy! When he’s not jetting the globe on business, he is knee deep in the veggie garden here at Springfield Farm. During the past six months, he has set up our beautiful chickens in the coop of their dreams and is growing mealy worms and crickets for their food. He’s passionate about mycelium and has planted a superfood mushroom farm. He’s always got his hands in the dirt, growing veggies for our retreats, and recently became a beekeeper! He is especially excited to have taken Springfield Farm off the grid with our own solar energy, and will be happy to take you on tours to explore all of his projects while you’re here. 

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