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"A patch of paradise! We recently hosted our Peachy Vacay retreat at Springfield farm, and had the most magical weekend! Photos can only convey so much of the magic of this family property; when you step out of the car and smell the beautiful roses that are blooming, hear the happy bees buzzing and take in a huge breath of fresh country air, you know you've stepped onto a patch of paradise! The Barge family hosted us with so much humble generosity - whatever we needed they were able to arrange, and we were even treated to a very special private tour by Peter of the farm! Feeding the chooks, checking out their amazing veggie crops and learning more about their sustainability work. The house and it's fresh, country chic decor is to die for - it's like being in a magazine. The bedding was divine, the entire place was just picture perfect - you'll wish you could move in. We can imagine that each season would bring it's own unique charm; spring with flowers blooming and winters made cosy with the fireplace and misty mornings. We can't wait to return!"

Peaches Pilates, Sydney

“If you keep this up you will have created a mini version of what heaven could be like,  I think we can have heaven on earth and you proved it.” 

Sarie Jenkins, Canada

"Hosting our Sleep Retreats at Springfield Farm has been a dream! The property is breathtaking and our guests always feel instantly relaxed as soon as they enter the driveaway. All aspects of the venue are well considered and the space cleverly caters to all our guest workshops. The team at Springfield Farm work to go above & beyond for us and our guests. We have no hesitation in recommending Springfield Farm for your next Retreat."

The Goodnight Co Team, Brisbane

“Beyond and above. A beautiful opening experience of creativity, intellectual stimulation, nature and Friendship. I loved my Avocado room, the view, the space, the bed, the lambskins, the comfort.”  


Kathryn Smith, Bowral

"Springfield farm was heaven on earth. The food was impeccable, the staff were incredibly kind and nurturing and truly cared that I was comfortable during my stay, my room was beautiful and the farm itself was everything I had hoped for and more. Go to Springfield farm if you are craving relaxation and connection whilst feeling pampered and luxurious. A perfect mix."

Anthea Cesaro, Sydney

"The philosophy of Springfield is to provide a week of curated experiences designed to support and nourish the creative writing process – and much to my initial surprise, it worked. A beautiful gentle week for mind, body, and creativity."


Jane Sullivan

"The Springfield retreat was an absolute dream. Everything from building conscious connections with like-minded women, to learning about how to create nourishing meals, and how to cultivate your own produce. The venue itself was so warming from vast farmland to the beautiful cottage which we stayed in. I highly recommend this retreat if you are needing the inspiration to kickstart a healthy lifestyle again or just for a little getaway."

Angie Cooney, Sydney

“This week at Springfield has been a joy. The atmosphere of calm generosity gives you a way to approach your writing that is similarly kind.  Gentle Magic.”  

Belinda Castles, Sydney

"This writing retreat recharged me with healing and enthusiasm in a way that no other retreat has done before."


Suzanne McCourt

"Kinchem, Peter and their creative team offer a host a holistic retreat for writers which includes the ultimate in nourishment for writing, eating and wellness."

Karen Comer, Melbourne

"This course literally shifted my brain - I didn't know how much I needed it! It truly has transformed me and woken a part that had been lying dormant within my writing. The doors are now wide open. I can only encourage anyone who is thinking of coming for a course - DO IT! Find a way, just make it happen. You will NOT regret it. I will most certainly be back. A treasured place and space."

Simone Joseph, Wildes Meadows

"If you are looking for a place to land for a little while, a place to restore your energy and connect with your most creative self you will find it here at Springfield."


Narelle Hunter, Young

“My time at Springfield has been the highlight of my writing life. The quality of the program, the people helping us, the fabulous food, accommodation, and scenery have made for an outstanding experience.”

Gillian Barnette, Melbourne

“Thank you.  I came mentally and emotionally spent.  I am going home a new person. I sense something huge has shifted.  I will keep in touch and let you know what happened. I would love to return!”

Suzanne McCourt, Melbourne

“Thank you for the most superb experience at Springfield. I have come away with the confidence, drive and energy to move forward on my project, and that is gold.”

Rowena Lister, Sydney

“I attended a writing retreat at Springfield. What a delight. The surroundings, hospitality, and attention to detail were exceptional. The instructors were world-class and the learning environment was nurturing and challenging at the same time - quite a feat which they delivered effortlessly. This was my first workshop retreat and I suspect it may be difficult to beat. I can highly recommend it.”


Kirsty McIvor, Exeter

“The Springfield Creative Writing Retreat has been a unique and life-changing experience. I have been shown, rather than taught, what is meant by the ecology of creativity, and how essential that is to writing and living as a writer. Beautiful, generous, nourishing and inspiring describes every aspect of the Retreat, from the food to the experiences offered, the setting and accommodation, as well as every person involved in presenting and running the Retreat. An absolute privilege.”


Glenys McLaughlin

“Springfield is the perfect place to reflect, connect and immerse yourself in your creative writing experience.  The hosts ensure everything is catered for and you are guided by experienced and committed facilitators. I will be back again and again.  Thank you for making my stay here at Springfield a transformative and nurturing one.”

Romina Di Federico

“Everything about this week far exceeded my expectations. Perfect.”  

Tanya Excel, Sydney

“My week at Springfield for the 'Intuitive writer' was a profoundly wonderful experience. The nurturing environment provided by Kinchem and Peter, beautiful surroundings, luxurious accommodation, and fabulous healthy food provided the perfect space for creative thinking. The group discussions were the icing on the (organic) cake! The choice of facilitator (award-winning author Charlotte Wood) was of the highest caliber and Charlotte shared her writing tools with generosity, humor, and grace. Being with a fantastic group of like-minded people was incredibly valuable, my writing practice 'leveled up' significantly!"


Bronwyn, Southern Highlands

“This was a spectacular accommodation for a romantic getaway! Everything about this place was gorgeous. So close to Fitzroy Falls and a short drive to Bowral. The communication was great, they accommodated all of our requests and needs. Loved loved loved our stay! Thanks for a memorable stay. The accommodation was spectacular and we appreciated the hospitality! We would love to come back soon. Stunning stunning stunning! Thank you so much”

Alana Irons, NSW

“We had the most wonderful time at The Farm House. The property is beautiful and has been furnished and styled to perfection! This is an idyllic country getaway on 20 acres with views of rolling hills and a few farm animals too. The house heating was very good, and the indoor fireplace was a delight. We also took our own tennis racquets to use the courts on the property and the owners were very kind to set up the outdoor fire pit for us one night. You do need a car to get to the nearest towns - but both Moss Vale and Bowral are only about 15 mins away and we enjoyed being in the countryside. Besides, the property is so lovely, you could just stay there!”

Carmen, Sydney

“What an absolutely stunning property! They have thought of everything to make your stay like home. The kids loved the farm tour and holding the quails. And the beautiful fresh eggs and vegetables to being home we are still enjoying. Thank you for a lovely weekend in your gorgeous property!  

Amy, Sydney

“The Farmhouse at Springfield was an absolutely peaceful delight, our family thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The farm was beautiful and perfect for morning and evening strolls - so peaceful and quiet. The house was in immaculate condition and was cozy and warm. It had all of the amenities (great condition) necessary to cook family meals and then enjoy a quiet evening of games, reading and movies. We look forward to a return visit!"

Mark, Sydney

“We had a wonderful stay at the farm. The combination of a modern design but keeping in theme with the country cottage aesthetic, made for a really nice vibe. We loved the decor and were kept comfortable with the heating (as we visited in the middle of June!) The beds were SUPER cosy too which is just what you need for a relaxing weekend away. We took up the option to do a tour with Farmer Pete which was well worth it; we got to see everything he does at the farm which was super interesting. The location is 15 minutes into Bowral and super close to Moss Vale and Fitzroy Falls which was perfect. I would reccomend this place and hope to get to visit again!”

Alexis, Sydney

"Treat yourself to a delightful place, people and grow into a better writer."

Karen, Nature Writing Retreat with Inga Simpson

"I came to write a book but instead my heart was broken open with words I had not yet met, of blue cranes, thrombolites and time beneath ice; served up on platters of pages by Simpson, Weldon, Bass and Dillard, my new found friends. I had been living in a coma, stunned and numbed by bushfires and pandemics and life’s litany of traumas that all pile up. Springfield’s Nature Writing Retreat with Inga Simpson was, to me, a visceral experience, with cells dispersed alive by nature’s force, like banksia under heat. It is a deftly crafted week of generous knowledge, commune and exchange between fellow writers, all dining on fresh food plucked from the garden ground, with body work and massage and moments amongst waterfalls, that together enable the writer to emerge and drop deep. For me, this week was a nostalgic call from the wild to wake up and come home. And now that book (and life) I came to write, will be forever imprinted and shifted by the experience."


Rachael Oakes-Ash, Returning Springfielder

Nature Writing Retreat with Inga Simpson

"Life at Springfield is designed to address not just your need for creative space but your whole wellbeing - incredible food, yoga, a bright work space - every amenity has been thoughtfully chosen to optimise your creative process."


Mireille Juchau. Stella Writer

"When women’s hearts commune with words on pages, in a setting far from the rigours of home, a magic happens. Springfield’s Wild Writing with Stephanie Bishop held space for imperfect words to fall and find perfection in each other. Stephanie’s generous and calm guidance lured better writing from all in the class room each morning, with a lovely sense of play. Add the enchantment of Springfield’s permaculture gardens that delivered food to our plates, massage and hiking, salons of discussion and guest writer Kirli Saunders to surprise and delight. The week was one of connection and solace, filled with laughter and tears and everything that makes the world write."


Rachael Oakes-Ash, Returning Springfielder

Wild Writers Retreat with Stephanie Bishop

“Not so long ago I gifted myself a retreat at Springfield for my 50th birthday. Little did I know how life-changing this would be. I love to write daily but until the retreat my work was tucked away and kept private. At Springfield, I started to feel like a writer and over the 12-month period that followed, I have committed to a project that feels important to complete.  I attended the Inner Landscaping Program and discovered how creativity and nature has the ability to sustain, nurture and heal us. On some level, I knew this but now I am living it. Springfield offers an incredible opportunity to work directly with encouraging teachers and meet a very special group of women, The Wild Writers. What a beautiful birthday gift this continues to be. If you are looking for a place to land for a little while, a place to restore your energy and connect with your most creative self, you will find it here at Springfield.”

Narelle Hunter, Returning Springfielder

"The Home Grown course at Springfield combined wonderful teaching, practical and hands on workshops, excellent food (unbelievably, ridiculously good food!) and sparkling company over two fun-filled days. Added to that, the gardens and accommodation options are five star fabulous and the whole place exudes calm and beauty. You will not regret signing up!"

Sarah Clutton,

Home Grown Retreat

"I learned so much more than expected. It is a very thorough workshop and everyone involved is clearly passionate about what they do. That passion is contagious!"


Home Grown Retreat

"Really enjoyed the Home Grown permaculture retreat. Opened my eyes to what is achievable, without maximum effort - but utilising a number of core principles and ultimately helping, in some small way, to create a sustainable future."


Justin Lewis, 

Home Grown Retreat

"You learn so much about producing your own food, nutrition and preserving, it’s really well set up. All in the luxury of the beautiful Springfield farm and guided by the most friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming hosts. I feel refreshed and can get started on my garden right away!"


Home Grown Retreat

"Home Grown" weekend at Springfield Farm was a total immersion into the why and how of growing your own. So much packed into a couple of days, yet your body and brain is constantly being pinged with luscious and healthy food and knowledge, you just don't want to leave. This is an absolute must if you want to take charge of you and your family's health, and want to kickstart a journey of looking after yourself and the world around you. Thank you all at Springfield."

Patsy Peacock,

Home Grown Retreat

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