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An Attitude of Gratitude

It can feel like every day we are bombarded with new products that we "must" have; the newest outfit, beauty product, health craze, essential supplement or crazy superfood. When in fact, it is likely that you already have everything you need right now in this moment. We often take everyday items for granted, so today we are focusing on appreciating what is right under our noses.

You've probably already heard a lot about gratitude, and there's good reason for this.

Practising gratitude brings endless benefits, but it's not about simply rattling off a list of words. Naming what you're grateful for is important, but make sure you take the time to really feel appreciation. It's the feeling of embodied gratitude that increases happiness, satisfaction, positivity, patience and humility.

Research shows there are also incredible physical benefits from this simple practice. Those who practice gratitude sleep better, experience less fatigue, are less likely to burn out, have lower levels of inflammation and even a stronger immune system.

So before you rush off into your day, pause, take a breath and focus your attention on all that you already have to be grateful for. Try not to 'think' too much about this, instead try to tune in and really feel the gratitude in your body.

Below are some Gratitude prompts to get your thoughts flowing and pen going.

What are three things you love about your life right now?

Write down 30 things that make you smile 

Who are three people in your life you are grateful for. Why? 

What are three things you love about your life?

What are three small things you are grateful for today?

Have a beautiful day!

Team Springfield x

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